Have you ever considered how it must be as an office worker when you use chopsticks to perform all of your tasks instead of your hands? Pouring a cup of coffee for your co-worker, logging into your computer to check your emails, putting on your tie… you’d think they all get a lot easier. In Stik-Up, you get to stand in the shoes of someone living this life, although you may find that there’s a little more to your job than meets the eye.

Stik-Up has you control the chopsticks being held by an office worker, undergoing tasks in the workspace. You’ll have to see how quickly you can achieve ordinarily simple activities —like carrying a cup of coffee— and deal with pesky co-workers getting in your way, when there’s the barrier of using chopsticks to achieve your goals.

Tasks may include but not be limited to: carrying cups, pushing people, bootlicking bosses, and anything that’s not eating food.

Download the game at

Look below to see some of the latest Blogs:

  • Game Scope – How It Started & Where It Is Now

    Very early in the game’s conceptualisation, the goal was much grander than what it is now. It was unrealistic for us to create. Not only in the time period we had to work in, but overall it would be too much to achieve within even a year, with our current level of experience. Initially, we…

  • Building the Level #4 + NPC movement

    To finalise the level building I have added some clutter to every other office workers desk, some of these items include pencils, books, mugs, plants and a board for post it notes just to fill some of the empty space more and to make it feel more lived in. Below is the finalised version of…

  • Building the level #3

    The next update to the office I had added the roof with ceiling tiles, making the cubicle separators taller, added some windows and I have finally added some details to the walls by adding some brown support pillars to make the level more interesting to look at. I have also made the entrance smaller into…

  • Building the level #2 (+ movement)

    After having created 2 separate scenes which allowed us to work on the project separately, I began to work on building the environment of the game. Below you will see some minor changes to the scene but the primary focus of the version of the level below was the implementation of the characters movement (indicated…

  • Building the level #1

    How the level building started was from a mood board that Dylan had collated so that I knew what sort of vibe he was after as he was the narrative designer for the game. Using these Mood boards as inspirations I had created a quick office level so that we can start having a level…

  • Meeting 10: Finishing up

    There were many things that we have gotten done from the last meeting that we had: Now there are a few things that we are aiming to do:

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