Meeting 1: The Start

This is the start of the development of “Sticks – Up”. We already had made a scope of what we are planning to do. So the only plan for the meetings is to set objectives, talking about what we are going to do for the whole week before we meet up again for another meeting.

For each meeting, there will be summaries talking about what we have discussed:

  • We need a domain for our website. This website will be done on WordPress. Before we do, we must have a name for our game. (So far, we stuck with the name Chopsticks as a placeholder)
  • Names that we came up with:
    • Stickup, Sticksup, Picksticks, Workaday, Hardly WorkingSticks, / Stix with it
    • Chosen name: “Sticks-Up”
  • We talked more about the website:
    • Get a template for the website (from Adam Proctor)
    • But until then, record what we discussed on our meetings on word Doc for now so that when we do have it, we can upload them.
  • Ed – Create an account on Instagram (Email to go with it)
  • Individual plans on the project:
    • Alex – Creating logo designs for our new name for the game
    • Ed will do some code on Unity – Basic Movements, Physics – Play around with it
    • Sketch up some spaces for the player to be in – get a better idea of what the players will be interacting with – helping Ed to know what things to code.
    • Dylan – Make up different scenarios for the player to be in & objects that the player could interact with
  • Scope – In case the scope is too big, we can reduce the amount of levels to being in one area (Sandbox like) so that it will:
  1. Reduce the amount of 3D assets to be created
  2. Reduce the amount code
  3. Enable us to make improvements without thinking too much on time

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