Meeting 2

  • Going over domain names – making sure we have the right name:
  • Made sure that we have the correct domain name before we buy it (Went with – being quite popular and used by many organisations)
  • Made designs for the logo, going over which design we like the best. Ask peers outside of team for opinions.
  • Went with the reduced scope since we think we may not have enough time to get everything we wanted.
    • What we are going for: Sandbox – Everything will happen within the office
  • Ignore the idea of custom controllers for now so that we can focus on what needs to be done (may change depending on the progress)
  • Objectives:
    • Mood boards – Gather up images so that we can determine the looks of our game.
    • Dylan – Sketches on the interactivity of objects, finishing up on ideation. Start looking at leap/ motion control – pressure sensitivity to picking objects up.
    • Ed – More coding. Picking up objects, implementation on the chopsticks.
    • Alex – Continue to sketch out concept designs of areas and items. Once done, go to Blender for 3D modelling.
  • May have to use Assets from Unity if there is a lack of time.

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