Meeting 3

  • Dylan – We are paying more attention to narrative since this is one of his strong suits. So this means that we changed what the game is going to be about:
    • [Before] Life in the life of a worker, doing basic daily tasks with chopsticks.
    • [After] Eliminate the spies in the office, have weapons spread around. But still have to do normal things so that you won’t get caught.
    • Work as a Spy. You get placed in a job where there are targets you need to eliminate – from poisoning their coffee to exploding them with gifts. 
    • Reason for chopsticks – During your previous mission, your hand gets blown off due to unforeseen circumstances. Too much money for surgery, getting a robotic arm is impossible in this day and age, so you attach chopsticks to your hands.
    • For this, we need to plan out where the objects are going to be placed, and how we are going to show the narrative (without telling them upfront)
  • Found out creative ways to eliminate the spies (what it means, we won’t elaborate)
    • Dylan – For each task, create a storyboard in how the players are to execute the task.
  • Thought about having Animations for NPCs – they do not have to be top notch and it will still fit in with the genre. We thought about it, but think it is best to save it until last.
  • Ed – Taking his time doing with the coding. Players are now able to control the movement of the character with WASD.
  • Alex – Doing more 3D assets.

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