Meeting 4

Not many new plans were brought up so we continued doing our respective work.

  • Dylan – Continue to work on the Narrative. Thinking of more scenarios in getting rid of co-workers. Once he is done, help with Ed with coding. Created a list of assets needed for each scenario.
  • Ed – Coding. Fix on issues which causes the game to break. 1st person controls – how to make it work
    • Build basic scene with pro builder
  • Alex – 3D Modelling. Chopsticks done, so other objects needs to be created, as well as going through the list of assets that Dylan made:
    • Mug
    • Coffee Machine
    • Poison (Canister, Pellets…)
    • + the list
  • For the logos, we have yet to create one for just the icon. So we need to make several iterations before we render.
  • Version Control – For this, we will use GitKraken so that everyone can make changes to the same file, as well as pulling the new version to see those changes in action. Makes uploading assets easier to do.

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