Meeting 5

  • Work more on the Website – Looking at examples from previous years
    • Have notes on what we need for the website
  • We have plans for someone to assist with the coding, but for now we get as much as we get done for the coding.
  • Dylan – Create a list of things that we need in the game (such as Chopstick Controls and Movements, improvements on mechanics)
  • Alex – Continue going through the list and make more assets.
  • Have yet to do concept art for office spaces and NPC designs but for now, we have placeholders.
  • Have yet to export models that are completed from Blender to Unity, upload them ASAP
  • We now have concepts for the logo, now its need to be rendered on Photoshop
  • Ideas for what to put on Instagram – Storyboarding, Narratives, Prototype videos that Dylan made

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