Meeting 6

On the previous week, we plan to not have a meeting so that we can focus on the other module. But if we do have time, this is what we are focusing on:

  • Alex – Continue on making models – Corner Table from Offices
    • Still going through the list.
  • Ed – Coded Pathways for NPCs to follow, Fixed Pick-Up and Drop Items

This is what we discussed during this week:

  • This is the last in-person meeting before we go into Easter break. Due to the lack of time, we plan to have more meetings during the break.
  • Alex – Continue to make more models from the list
  • Ed – More coding – have it so that when you pick up the object, it follows the camera
  • Dylan – Help with coding, along with Nigel Hughes (getting the controls and the movements with the chopsticks).
  • Ed – Have not started on doing the character concepts, so Ed will do it.
  • For the Level Design, both Dylan and Ed will work together to figure out the space.
  • More posts will need to be uploaded to Instagram.
  • Go through the smaller logo designs (ones used for in games and icons), choose the ones that we prefer (and other peers)
  • Music – We have yet to find someone to make music for the game, so now we will search for someone.

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