Modelling: Blender #1

All of the models that I have created will be made on Blender since it was the only 3D modelling programme that I know how to use. However, during the start of the production, I may have forgotten some tools and the in and outs of blender, so I started taking some tutorials to familiarize myself.

First is a simple 2 story building with simple materials and reflective windows:

Then the floor, adding textures to it:

Then I started creating the models. The style that we are going for is low-poly, 1990s – this makes things much easier for me so that I don’t have to focus on the details too much. I made a mood board so that I could see how the objects could look, and then replicate them from scratch

My focus at this point was to make objects in the office, specifically a desk with a swivel chair and a computer. The first one I made was a table, a very simple one (this will be improved on later):

Swivel chair:

Computer with Keyboard and Mouse:

And of course some chopsticks:

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