Meeting 7

Used most of the holidays just going over work, as well as taking some of the time of. But during the easter holiday:

  • Nigel Hughes – Coder for our team, building on top of what Ed has already coded and adding more mechanics, such as chopsticks movement.
  • Alex – Models uploaded to Unity through GitKraken.
  • James Hopkins – The Music producer of our game. He had a draft, but we thought that it should be best if he made another version (one for the title screen and the other for the gameplay)

Before the final term, personal issues arose, so not much work was done. But still talked about what needs to be done:

  • Ed – Finishing up with the rendering of the Logo. We can have it as a profile picture for Instagram. Once that is done, move onto the concept art for the office design and the characters.
  • Some ideas for the NPCs:
    • No facial animations, Just the basic body movements (It requires less work but also fits with the theme)
    • A character who is different from the rest? (i.e. Everyone else is some sort of creature, but only one person)
  • Custom Controller – We are still focussing on other things, so we are leaving it until later (but hopefully not too late).
  • Music – James Hopkins is still working on the other draft, but we will wait until then.
  • Alex – Work on the website, upload the notes from word doc into blog format. Show some 3D models for the blogs – rigging, animations and other things
  • Dylan – Work with Ed to prototype the office space on Unity.

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