Meeting 8

These are the list of things that we plan to do for this week:

  • We have plans to do the trailer at some point and some ideas to go with it:
    • Do an in person survey
    • Writing down the answers using chopsticks
  • Upload more things unto Instagram – progress on prototype on Unity, showing how the chopsticks will interact with objects
  • Need to rewrite “About Game” on website so that it fits in with the current narrative of the game.
  • Character Concepts – Ed still has yet to complete them. But once he is done, we will plan to go through the designs, choose the ones that we like/ fit in the Game World, then Alex will render them on Blender
  • Chopsticks – Have one stick as a model instead of a pair into one so that it is easier to work with (Coded this way)
  • Unity – Some issues regarding with Collisions, that when you try to pick up an object, the chopsticks will go through them instead of touching them.
    • There were some issues with Unity for Ed – unable to drag assets into scene since the assets were not showing up for him (Maybe due to GitKraken). Get that fixed
  • Have a team photo at some point – Go to a noodle restaurant with us holding chopsticks
  • Ed – Work more on NCPs, cleaning up on movement and the pathways. Look at how Liquid works and try to have it on Unity.

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