Meeting 9: Getting close to finishing

  • These are the Unity related that we think needs doing:
    • Animated NCPs – Automatic Character Rigging
    • Liquid Physics – For Mugs, Slowly Filling up, Spillage
    • UI – Objectives (Things that the characters have to do)
      • Menus such as pause, main menu
    • Include more interactivity to the NPCs – speech (Gibberish similar to Animal Crossing)
    • Objectives within Game – Create beginning and end of the scenario, then add to it as we go along
    • Wize – Get the music to loop seamlessly, to put into the game
  • Trailer/ Documentary – Get it done as soon as possible. Dylan writing out the questions for the documentary (will be like an Interview)
  • Character Concept – Has yet to be done since Ed was focussing on the Unity project
    • Create a mood board of characters to get an idea of what the characters should look like
  • Website – Upload more blogs (other than meetings)
    • Ideas for blogs – Progress on the game, Narrative
    • Different versions of the game
  • Dylan – Upload things on to Twitter
    • Things that we posted already on Instagram

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