Modelling: Blender #3 (+Maximo)

I continued to model the rest of the assets that were needed. For this time around, we needed NPCs that will be walking about within the office (and some targets), so I focused on the objects first before moving on to characters.

Lock and Key:

Kitchen Counters (Two for the ends and the one for the middle)

Fridge (Separated into 3 parts: Main Body, Door, and Drawer)


Before making the NPCs, I created a Mood board of low-poly characters that I had in mind/ think that would best fit within the Game World before handing it over to ED to create the concept art. One it was done, I then modelled it in blender, keeping it low-poly.

Then, they were exported as FBX files and uploaded to Maximo where it will add the skeleton within the model (Place markers were there to point to the specific points of the body.).

With the skeleton inside of the model, we can then animate the NPCs on Unity.

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