Animation: Maximo

We were thinking of getting animations from Maximo due to the lack of time and it is simpler to import compared to rigging. From Maximo, there are different animations that you can find: from simple idle animation to rolling over from running. Of course we did not need the overexaggerated bits but the simpler alternative. All they need to do is to walk about, stay idle when not moving, and sitting.

Previously, I already added the skeleton within the models. So all I need now is to apply the walking animations in Unity. First, I need to find the right walking animation from the list that Maximo has given me. Once I chose one, I adjusted the settings around a bit until it suits to my liking before downloading the animations.

Once downloaded, I then moved the downloaded file and imported into Unity. Since we already have the model ready to use, we don’t need the other things apart from the animations (highlighted in the image below)

To get the animation working and moving, we need an Animation controller, which can be obtained by right-clicking on the space below and creating an animation controller. Once made, I clicked on it, I dragged the animation into it, which would then make it the default layer state. Through the controller, you can adjust and transition the animations together (i.e. from walking to running), but for this project I left it as that. More controller were made for different walking speeds.

I then attached the controller to one of the NPC models in the scene. I got this by adding a new component “Animator” and then dragging the animation controller into the controller box shown.

Once I pressed play, the NPCs move and it will loop the animations. However, there is one issue that we need to fix:

I need to make sure that the workers are in one spot when the animations start so that when it comes to NPC movement, it doesn’t look strange. This quite an easy fix however, since all I needed to do was to Loop Pose, and it should be done. All it needs now is for the NPCs to move, and this will will be done by code.

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