Building the level #2 (+ movement)

After having created 2 separate scenes which allowed us to work on the project separately, I began to work on building the environment of the game. Below you will see some minor changes to the scene but the primary focus of the version of the level below was the implementation of the characters movement (indicated by the camera and lightning symbol) and the NPC movement (which are the metal spheres) with some of the code I had written.

The next version of the office build as you can see below, I had changed the office cubicles from using Unity’s pro builder tool and changing them by into implementing Alex’s 3D models.

The next update in the office level saw an expansion in the offices space with some colour pallet changes to the walls to create a more modern aesthetic to the environment. I had also added more cubicles and some holes in the wall to later build more rooms for the level.

This next version I added some more cubicles while starting to add to the other rooms.

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