Building the level #3

The next update to the office I had added the roof with ceiling tiles, making the cubicle separators taller, added some windows and I have finally added some details to the walls by adding some brown support pillars to make the level more interesting to look at. I have also made the entrance smaller into a regular door which leads to a corridor.

Here I had added some ceiling lights by creating a emissive white material and adding them in a sequence to the ceiling. I also bought a asset pack to fill the space more with more objects like the red carpet and other items.

Some of the items are present below. I used a mixture of the assets from the pack and Alex’s models to create some clutter so the office space feels more full and lived in. I added the glass trophy into the players cubicle and made the organisation of his office more messy so that it stands out from his fellow office workers.

Below is the implementation of the conference room where meetings would happen in the office.

Below I have created a rec room and I added some assets into the rec room as a start of the rec room.

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