Building the Level #4 + NPC movement

To finalise the level building I have added some clutter to every other office workers desk, some of these items include pencils, books, mugs, plants and a board for post it notes just to fill some of the empty space more and to make it feel more lived in.

Below is the finalised version of the rec room by adding a small kitchen space, a painting, clock and some other assets to fill the space in more to make it more appealing and like a space where office workers would take a break from their daily tasks.

And finally you can’t have an office without its workers! Here I added some of Alex’s models of the office workers which were based off some of my concept sketches and dotted them around the office. While they are in a T-pose stance below they have a walking animation which Alex got off Mixamo and I had applied it to NPC below, along with some random movement with the code I wrote.

With the implementation of Alex’s 3D modelled NPC’s I had to create code for their movement. The NPCs move by randomly within the set distance parameters and avoid bumping into the walls by having some mesh detection so they know when they move too close to an object and can avoid them, this was it avoids any potential clipping that might occur if they walk into the walls which was an issue with the first script that I had wrote as a starting point at the start of the development of the office level which you can see the metal spheres in “Building the Level #1”. That original script had the NPC move between set waypoints but there were some issues where after the NPC had finished their root they would keep going in one direction and some other issues like clipping through walls so I had thought of a different way of designing their movement to be what it is now.

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