Meeting 10: Finishing up

There were many things that we have gotten done from the last meeting that we had:

  • Documentary was recorded, edited, and now available to see on YouTube and on our websites
  • We have the things that we needed for the trailer
  • Game related objectives:
    • NPCs are now in the game and are animated using Maximo (Character Concept finished)
    • UI has been completed, with things such as Main Menu and Pause
    • New Office Space has been made – Larger, More rooms, More items to interact with in the game
  • Uploaded more blogs, more ideas that we had but couldn’t execute (i.e. Controller)
  • Stuff uploaded on Twitter, showing the team and the progress that we went through

Now there are a few things that we are aiming to do:

  • – Have the page updated with screenshots and all the other things about our game
    • Have the game uploaded on the page
  • Trailer is now in the process of editing and yet to be shared through social media and other platforms
  • Fixing up any other issues in Unity

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