“Stik-Up” is the final year project for Games Design and Art, started from February and ended at June 2023. This idea was first found through researching ‘Food in Chinese Culture’, looking at different aspects such as: The History, Types of Food, Table Manners, Chopsticks, and Superstitions and Beliefs. Then, we are to make several game ideas from the research, which was then pin pointed to the idea of Chopsticks as part of everyday life – your hands becomes chopsticks.

Originally, the idea was “You are a worker who works in the office doing mundane tasks, but your hands are chopsticks”. But then adjusted to “Eliminate your co-workers, but your hands are chopsticks” to further exaggerate the idea and to be more absurd. Below, you can see the project proposal and the original ideas that we had before we started producing the game: https://www.notion.so/Project-Proposal-Chopsticks-10f828d42ea34659b6cc6e22b92f1cec?pvs=4

The Main Team:

Alex Tang: Team Leader, Artist (Concept Artist, 2D Artist, 3D Artist)

Edward Lam: Concept Artist, Lead Programmer

Dylan Hughes: Programmer, Narrative Designer, Prototyper


Nigel Hughes: Programmer

James Hopkins: Music Producer – Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/user-663864481

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