Author name: Alex Tang

Animation: Maximo

We were thinking of getting animations from Maximo due to the lack of time and it is simpler to import compared to rigging. From Maximo, there are different animations that you can find: from simple idle animation to rolling over from running. Of course we did not need the overexaggerated bits but the simpler alternative. …

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Modelling: Blender #2

All the models here will be for the first scenario: poisoning a co-worker with a cup of coffee. Dylan had made a list of objects that are required for this scenario. I went off and created more assets. Mugs: Desks (What were originally tables will now be desks, but will plan to place the tables …

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Modelling: Blender #1

All of the models that I have created will be made on Blender since it was the only 3D modelling programme that I know how to use. However, during the start of the production, I may have forgotten some tools and the in and outs of blender, so I started taking some tutorials to familiarize …

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